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'Eagle Group' Spreads "Khushi" Amongst Orphanage Kids

In this materialistic world almost all of us have had a wild goose chase for something known as “KHUSHI”, the pursuit for happiness is never ending. Again when I try to define what is happiness it gets difficult. Is a state of mind when u r satisfied, or let say feeling after u achieve something, “success”.

Well if that is it I had my encounters with these feelings but nothing really can be called a state of total happiness and then I had these strange/unknown feeling when I try to help someone. "Wo kehte hain na ki joy of living is in giving” when u help someone the feeling though transient is unique in its way. Yes this is what I say KHUSHI is,” Khushi baatne se Khushi badhti hai”. I am here to share one such experience when we shared  khushi with some under privileged children in “ THAKURBABA ORPHANAGE”. I have been associated with a free-lancer group of young, energetic & dedicated guys from Vedanta Aluminium Limited, who believe in “Service to mankind as service to god”.

We call it as Eagle Group, founded with the sole motto of serving humanity and spreading happiness. On the auspicious occasion of Republic day we decided to pay a visit to nearby orphanage in Belpahar. Thakurbaba aashram as it is called is an orphanage with strength of around 45 kids aged between 3-17yrs, mostly females. We arranged for some gifts, pen, copies, toffies,sports accessories etc. and had a plan of having lunch with them. When we arrived we were mesmerized by the environment and scenic beauty around but more beautiful were the kids talking wonderfully as they greeted us on arrival.

We arranged some programs like Quizzes, dancing, singing, and mimicry and distributed prizes among all participants. Some of them were extra talented like one 12 yr. girl getting almost 12 prizes alone. We distributed gifts, candies and sweets among them, and had our lunch only after all of them were served.Though I had night shift the day before but I was not at all tired, the best part of all of it was that we spent all day talking and playing with the kids, I would like to mention a touching statement by a girl in 7th standard when talked about her family she said “puri duniya ke log apni family hi to hai” the conceptual “VASUDEB KUTUMBKAM” & yet they are alone in every manner.

It seemed like more than money they needed our love and affection. I felt as if I was helpless, whatever we could have done means nothing, it was too little. The Staff of Aashram has taken well care of the kids and they have some help from different groups but still looking after this population & at the same time providing them with better education and more importantly a hope for better future require attention of more peoples to come forward and help nourish the future of tomorrow.

I don’t know whether I was happy or sad but satisfied by my efforts, somewhere deep in my soul I felt peace and today I am posting this to encourage one and all to serve the unprivileged children and spread KHUSHI around their lips, hearts and souls.

Rakesh Kumar Sahoo


  1. Can your group make arrangement for regular teaching and skill building

  2. As an active member of Eagle group I feel proud of myself. This is our 1st step to serve the society which make us feel proud. An unexpressible joy has enlightened our hearts. We are now on the way to serve more to the helpless society. Its not the powerful hands who can help others, but its the will power and strong determination which always on the way to help them..

  3. good move ahead...with an eye of flying like eagle