"KHUSHI" is an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, launched by Vedanta Resources plc, with a focus to sensitize people towards care for the underprivileged and deprived children – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. Join Khushi on facebook at and send motivational stories at . LET US MAKE INDIA A CHILD MALNOURISHED FREE NATION..

I Am Teaching Computer To My Milkman's Son

I work for an IT firm and into software development.  I came to know about the “Khushi” initiative through a friend of mine in Mumbai who is also into software development.  First and the foremost, I must congratulate the effort, and I think it is the first time some one has come forward to put-in such an initiative. So Congratulations !!!

Now, I think some times we do certain things in enthusiasm and not realize our own efforts. I believe in appreciating efforts that we also put-in to make others happy.

At home, when back from office,  I am mostly in office mails and my pending work.  This is also the time when the milk-man would visit.  I was watching this for over a month that the 12 years old son of my ‘Milkman' used to see how I work on my computer.  When his father is busy pouring milk from the container, his attention never got away from my computer. I used to notice this quite often, smile to see his interest, but never thought of asking him.  Once I read this blog and also how much important are small efforts, I decided to address his curiosity.

He informed me that, he has computers as part of his studies but he is unable to learn much as the number of students in his class are quite high and the computers are not sufficient and thus teacher gives quite less time to each student.  Result,  he is unable to cope-up in the class.

I could not believe when he also informed me that he comes with his father only to see how I work on computer and one day he would ask me for help.

His innocence did not allow me to say NO or I am Busy.  I agreed to give him 1 hour of my time, 2 days in a week and asked him to bring his text-book.  I have had five class with him so far, which is on basics and I am quite amazed to see his grasping power.

If 'Each One Can Teach One' in spare time, I am sure we would be able to address a whole lot of education in under-privileged children in India.

For once I decided to take the responsibility on my shoulder, my contribution to the society. It has given me an immense innner satisfaction.

I must admit, the blog “Khushi” made me conscious and I could not ignore the curiosity of this child.  I feel happy that some thing inspired me to do a nice work.

Good work Vedanta Group. Keep it up !!!

Shaunak, Software Engineer from Chennai


  1. I must say that Khushi has brought the revolutionary change in the perception of the people towards the innocent and neglected children...I have always been sensitive towards the under-privileged but Khushi has definitely motivated me and other such like-minded people!!
    Shaunak your efforts are really appreciable......BRAVO!!

  2. Vedanta has so aptly named its initiative on care for not so fortunate children as KHUSHI.

    KHUSHI for me is `Love that oozes from my inner heart' for all the children.

    Their one smile makes your day , a twinkle from their eyes gets embedded in your mind and a hug from these innocents is the reward that only God can bestow upon you.

    Let us all join in any way to contribute to this noble cause to trigger a movement to lay the foundation of this KHUSHI amongst all of us.


    this is a great effort of vedanta group to creat happiness among the poor children.

  4. As you are in software I will like to ask you do you have anything for hearing impaired children which will help them in studies ?