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I Saved The Infants From The Rats

Gunjan wrote about her experience in an NGO where she became witness to a lot of rats roaming around newly borne children..  We present her story that spreads the message of Vedanta's Khushi initiative towards `Care for the Under-privileged Children'.

I Saved The Infants From The Rats

I am an active reader of blog 'Khushi' and for long have been thinking of sharing this incident.

I always believed, 'don't think what people contributed to the society, important is what role you played to make it better'.  My interest got me attached to a well known NGO working towards the welfare of the community in Gujarat. 

This NGO had the agenda to visit other small NGOs who were working in the similar areas and as part of their visit also celebrate the birthdays of females, falling in the visit month. This time, I was also part of the visiting team.

We went to an NGO located in the heart of the city which was home for the destitute women.  The caretaker informed me that this NGO also took care of the abundant infants left mercilessly at their doors.  This NGO had kept all these abundant infants in a room which also had few cradles and helpers, who took care of these tiny tots. By nature I am very attached to the kids.  I couldn’t control myself and decided to visit that room to play with them for some time. There were around 2-3 helpers for about 10 infants in that room. Helpers were sitting on the mats with these children and feeding them milk through spoon.

But suddenly my all happiness had gone.  I was shocked to see a lot of rats running around in that room. It was a horror.  What care has been taken to make these kids safe and their food hygienic? Rats and kids in the same room, the thinking made me worried.

Though I am very scared of rats but seeing these infants I just could not resist going inside and mingle with them. Suddenly, a lady came running and informed these helpers that someone has come to donate shoes. In a split of a second, all the helpers disappeared, leaving these infants to the mercy of rats. Though the rats did not harm the kids, but who knew. 

This careless and negligence was simply intolerable.  I first took the kids one by one and kept them back in their cradles. I couldn’t resist crying. I got so upset seeing them in such condition.  I decided not to leave the room before those helpers come back. My temper was high. I scolded them from the top of my voice. One of them even started crying and eventually all apologized.

This incident still brings fear in my mind.  From that very day, I am pursuing a dream to open a home for such infants and take care of their health, education and nutrition, in what ever capacity I can.

I believe, It is not the end but a new beginning……



  1. It's a great feeling to do something nice for others.Cheers!! to Gunjan......!!!!!
    Thanks to 'Khushi' for giving an excellent platform to share our experiences and motivating the rest to contribute to towards the society.

  2. Gunjan,
    I can imagine how you could managed the things when the rats were inside the room and you were alone with the infants. Truly speaking the most of the NGOs in India are not serious about their duties, they are just managing funds..... thanks Khushi & VEDANTA who really cares the people in far remote areas.

  3. Khushi can be created by each and every individual.. Its not about the donations.. its about one's attitude towards the society and the under-privileged. This story is a very good example of a person's social conscience, attitude and inclination towards creating KHUSHI!

  4. These efforts leave a mark on the minds of people and we become conscious. It is important to keep continuing good work.. well done Gunjan.. I am sure your story will inspire others as well..

  5. Every small effort is an inspiration for others and reflection of one's sensitivity towards society. Really a good job and motivating one else in this life these small things are not taken care of.

  6. Its nice to see that in these times when people are so much into their own selves ...some people are actually trying to make a difference.....Very nice..keep it up

  7. WORLD IS FILLED WITH LOVE ALL PREVADING LOVE....IT IS HIDDEN AND LOST.....SOME MANAGE TO FIND IT AND SOME KEEP GROOPING FOR IT.... BUT FINALLY WE ALL HAVE TO LOCATE THE LOVE HIDDEN IN us....AND EVERY TIME ONE SUCCEED THEY DO SOMETHING GREAT..... WHICH IS GREAT BECAUSE in a country which has no rain even a drop of water will be precious... and in this world when all so called human are busy accumalating money that they lost thier soul and so this kind of isolated stories remind us about our true responsibility being HUMAN BEING.. Good work sister. Keep it up.I also have a great thirst to do something for our nation and mankind and looking for the right oppourtuntity. Thanks and regards