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You Never Know Who Needs You Where

Khushi presents you a touching story of Munmun who saved the son of her driver Satish. A gesture which would inspire many towards `Khushi - Care for the Underprivileged Children'.

You Never Know Who Needs You Where

I am a house-wife and live in Tilak Nagar in Delhi. My father happened to be a scientist. He is no more now and our all efforts, money, medicines could not save him. He died of cancer.

Last Monday, 7th May I had to meet some people in South Extension in the evening time to discuss a project on interior designing. My driver Satish asked me for a leave for 2 hours to show his son to the doctor and be back by 6 PM. I told him not to delay. When he did not turn-up till 6.30 I was quite angry and started calling him up. He did not pick the phone and that irritated me to maximum. At last he turned up at 7.30 and in no way we could reach South Extension by 8 PM. I was very upset and shouted at him. Satish could not take it and started crying. I felt a little sorry and asked him where he had disappeared and why he was not picking up the phone. He informed that his son is very serious and he may have to take him to the hospital. On first I did not believe but Satish has been working for almost 3 years now and never tells a lie.

I called up the people I had to meet for another appointment and knowing the situation they agreed. I do not know what prompted me but I asked Satish that I wanted to see his son. We instantly left. When we reached I was shocked to see that his fever was touching 105 and Satish's wife was putting wet towel on his head. I immediately asked Satish to pick-up the child, sit in the Car and let us run to the hospital. In about 30 minutes we reached hospital and immediately went to the emergency ward. A lady doctor attended him. His son had fainted. With some tests, the doctor informed that his platelets had drastically gone down and his condition is very serious. He was taken to the ICU and doctors started looking into the case. It was a private hospital and the fees plays an important role. I paid the amount and asked Satish not to worry. Around mid-night doctor informed that his condition is not improving and they have changed the medicine. It was time to pray.

I was cursing myself coz I was more busy scolding Satish for not coming on time. Whole night I could not go home. I stood there just to ensure there should be no issue of money and medicines. In the morning about 5.30 doctor informed Satish that his son was out of danger and his platelets have started improving. He would take few more days to recover and then he can take him home.

I could not stop my tears, they are still rolling when I am writing this story. But I am feeling light as I have been hiding this feeling for long. Never know who needs you when and where. So trust, not everyone is a liar.
Vedanta Khushi is a beautiful platform for even writing your inner-self.

Mummun Sharma


  1. It was really a heart touching incident.Usually we dont trust people who work for us .Thank you Mummun for sharing.

  2. You are "GREAT". Really heart touching fact which shared by Mummun.

  3. It is very inspiring story and it tells you that a little thought towards the people who work with you some times helps. Truely, you never know who needs you where.. Munmun well done.. really appreaciate it..

  4. This is the reason why our employees who earn a very small amount also can survive as the feeling of warmth and companionship is still present in all of us despite our busy schedule and rush for money and fame.