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Khushi Debated on Sending Underprivileged Children Back to the School

"KHUSHI – Care for the Underprivileged Children" debated on 28th May, 2012 with title “How to Bring Underprivileged Children Back to the School?” in India. About 65 people joined the discussion and shared their suggestions on the issue of drop-out students in India.

Highlights of the discussion are mentioned below:

1. Jasmine Solanki -
The sharp drop in secondary school attendance, particularly among girls poses a big challenge and requires immediate attention. There are several reasons why children drop out of school and they are not necessarily the same or even if same, are of varying degrees for girls and boys. Early marriage, distance to schools and lack of transport, attending to household chores, lack of separate toilet for girls, no female teacher, lack of safety and taking care of siblings are some of the important reasons why girls drop out of school.

2. Manoj Shah -
This serious issue has provoked me to pen down my thoughts....... i see lot of underprivileged children who are deprived of going to school...the solution that strike my mind is we can somehow increase the living standard of these poor families that can make the parents of these future children to join the schools and complete their studies at least till 10th class.....

3. Apoorv Houzwala -
Many parents are also not able to meet the cost of their Childs even after some initiatives by several NGOs to help children Enroll in schools go in vain as the further cost of education cannot be borne by the parents/guardians of those children.....NGOs show their success by just showing the figures of enrolments in schools, but very few follow-up with these schools to know if the enrolled students are able to attend or sustain....

4. Era Jain -
I guess we should have great gratifications for children to be motivated. Give their parents an incentive (monetary or otherwise) to send the kids to school. Idea of a Unique Cash Card can be handy where kids are granted money to study

5. Vanshika Tanwar -
Government has been running various schemes and policies that could attract the these underprivileged children and their parents... the schemes like mid day meal, free education, free cycle for girls, different scholarship programs etc.. but the point is one still can see there r loop hole that need to be filled up ....and we all are also aware that the problems are there on the ground level..nobody is there to monitor them .. here comes the corporates and the individual like us can give the solution to the problem.....

6. Ravindra Shekhawat -
I have seen this life more closely as my initial 3 years of schooling were from village :) Before giving a solution i would ask one thing.. Who don't want to study? or which parents will not want there children to study. The only thing which makes them do this un-justice is Poor family conditions; schooling needs fees plus time of the children in which they can earn some lively hood. I think as addition to government facilities we should provide flexible school timing + covering only important subjects rather than teaching unwanted subjects.

How if we pay students for attending the school :)..There can be many sources of funding one of them is: Use the talent of kids to drive regular craft/handicraft/art/painting/cards workshop from school and sell them anywhere.. Indian Handicraft ( For eg : just small keychain in Bangalore Airport is sold in 150 Rs which internationally becomes 5 dollars -- 270 INR). No parents will oppose or no child will say no when they put little effort and they get paid for that.

7. Shreya Tanwar -
In order to create a significant difference ...we should focus on and make small changes ... we may be preoccupied with things, in our occupations, etc so we cannot go to villages and towns everyday and make them study ...and if we do..what is the guarantee that the children will continue to study or they/their parents will utilize the money given to them.. how can we help them then ??

we come across many children in our localities ,in our own houses, in neighborhoods who are not able to study ... think!! can you make them study yourself ..if yes ,take out the time to do so...if no, build an interest in them for education (by various ways you can do this).. or else find out the reason why are they keeping away from education ..if it is a financial problem tell them about the government incentives in your town ...if you yourself are financially sound take charge..maybe not of the whole society but one or two children, this can make a me on that!! also tell their parents the advantages of making their children study in short build an interest for education to the children who come across you no matter wherever you are..tell their parents the advantages of education to their family yourself should do it..if they are willing to study HELP in every way possible!!

8. Sudesh Kumar Djv -
Anganwadi centre are one of the great idea born but lacking implementation. Actually u take any subject in India whether it is a defense deal for the security of the nation or the Anganwadi centres where future buds are being taken is in utter chaos due to the only basic reason, no one is really interested to see things are in proper place as the concerned administration are only busy with their respective political aspiration and they hardly manage time from their politics and hence they poorly manage governance...... Let us come together in such social events and try to bring awareness among the population and do our bit to safe guard the future of the Poor Indian children from being getting ignored.....

9. Upasana Rani Tibrewal -
Change is something that takes time & it's pacing the roots ahead in rural areas if we look forward to the ratio of underprivileged children regularly going to school... so the work or initiative in all the ways taking place should keep going the way it is & "WE" all should contribute on to this .Channels can be Documentary, Nukkad nataks , Different media vehicles many more ( for creating more awareness ) ! .. Day will come for sure as -"EXPECTED"

10. Vinamra Chauhan -
Guyz if u really want to do something for underprivileged children those who left their school in between due to various reason, if u really care for them den u should go once any village which is nearby your city n speak to those people whose living there & get their views n aware them about such issues, and speak to children also whose around there n try to get d reason behind this issue, go there n find out what kind of life they are living n why they left studies in between, this will help us a lot because practically you'll do much more for them rather den to write n discuss such issues ,n once u get d proper reason it will make your work easy to bring back those children who left studies in between, Hey people if u really bother about those children n if u really want to change something, den u should not wait for things to happen better leave your Ac rooms go out & make them happen ,& one more thing that v need to change ,d mindset of our rural society

11. Madan Kumar Solanki -
There are a large number of students who enroll in school in the beginning of the year but do not attend classes and even drop out at a later stage during the course of the year. Generally enrolment rates are higher than attendance rates.

12. Neeladrisingh Das -
To be very frank:-

a. Firstly, the parents should be taught about the advantages of being educated. The parents should be engaged with any work or should be given any financial assistance, so that no financial pressure would come on the child to do income.

b. Apart from the Govt. plans, CSR teams of different companies should provide some good foods, educational games/tools and computers to attract children to school.

c. Though all the schools are now included under-"Punishment free Zone" but the teaching methodology is same as it was 10 years back.CSR groups should provide some Audio-Visual tools to create interest among children. Teaching methodology should be changed. Interactive sessions between teachers and students should be made.

d. Though Govt. has some scholarship programmes, but CSR can add some amount to it .The scholarship assistance will definitely create a competition among children to come school regularly and perform better.

Though there are lots of things to be discussed, but I have mentioned the important ones. This is according to my opinion. Comments welcome......

13. Gaurav Modi -
We all know that lack of money is the primary reason why these kids beg or start working at an early. I feel if we really want to bring in some changes we should boycott child labor in our surroundings and support the education of these kids in whatever ways we can. If each one of us supports one under privileged kid’s education, I’m sure 53 kids (since 53 people are active in this debate) can have a better future. Also we can ask our friends, relatives and neighbours too to join in and make the difference.

14. Prateek Kothari -
Talking about the underprivileged section why directly to them first, see the mentality of the privileged one means those whose fathers are rich and have enough money that they can send their child to school but 25% parents and grandparents are still there who think that school is waste of time, and the child at the age of 18 is said to join his fathers business and earn money but i don’t accept, first let the child complete his academics let him become independent , Now for the underprivileged section a experiment can be done that if we tell the parents of underprivileged section that u send your child to school and after he completes his academics successfully we will offer him jobs n he will earn an enough amount of money and these underprivileged Indians needed to be made confident if we are successful in developing this confidence and this quality in them your mission will be successful. As an example u can see the mid day meal mission started by govt. has made a great change more 65%of the underprivileged section started coming 2 school ..........

if we try we will do it and make it done..

15. Shazia Parveen -
I remember few lines of a poem written by Robert frost

"The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
and miles to go before I sleep"
if we will see, these underprivileged kids, even they want to live their lives with no worries but the responsibilities on their little shoulders do not make them to take the way to the school. So, what really requires is the financial stability of parents. Then we can expect the parents to take their kids to the way to their real world.

16. Neeta Jain -
Many children living in rural areas receive a level of education which is very raw and the students tend to lack interest and dropout. Overall enrollment in primary and middle schools is improved a lot but there is a steep fall in attendance when it comes to the secondary level. More than half of the children living in these rural areas leave school before reaching even the tenth grade These children leave school for variety of reasons: some leave because of lack of interest; most leave so that they can work in the fields, where the hours are long and the pay is low.

A large percent of the dropouts are females. Forced by their parents, most girls perform household work... We need to fight child labour - child marriage - child beggary - child malnutrition etc by first educating their parents about the different government policies and benefits. This scenario can be changed soon if all of us just contribute a bit by educating the underprivileged.. and with the help of private public partnership model this process will expedite..

17. Ranjeet Mohan Vichare -
Many thanks Pavan for recommending Khushi, I have a suggestion, given the opportunity, do you think we could jointly explore a conclave incorporating Corporate Communicators, Heads of CSR, CFO's and CMO's. Under the Aegis of Khushi, we could generate immense support and in fact usher in sustainable empowerment for the Children-of-lesser-God.

18. Ravinder Pal Singh Saluja -
It will require focused efforts in order to provide appropriate school readiness initiatives in rural and urban India. Investing in preschool or early childhood education is a key strategy to reaching out to the most marginalized children in a country which has relatively low pre-school coverage It seeks to ensure good quality elementary education conforming to the standards and norms spelt out in the schedule and strengthening training of teachers for improving teaching and learning, and specifically prohibits corporal punishment— Physical punishment and mental harassment can now result in disciplinary action against teachers

19. Suyash Raisinghani -
I want to say that firstly we have to take those unprivileged children who are not even had see the face of you said to regain studies is a difficult task so I think first we have to take those children who have not gone to school even ones....sir I want to give suggestions to you that first we have to give employment to the parents of unprivileged children by the help of Vedanta group like sweeping, cleaning etc.........

20. Pranav Jain -
Some suggestions are:

• Increasing the number of, and upgrading, school buildings
• Expanding teacher training programmes
• Using local languages in the classroom
• Developing context-appropriate primary school syllabi and textbooks
• Developing quality assessment mechanisms.


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