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Vedanta Khushi - Street Children - Will They Remain On Streets Forever ?

Mere mention of Street Children brings a many notions on the condition of these poor and deprived children in India. Some are borne poor and there are most, who wish to remain the same. Fault lies in system or the fault lies in them or their parents, is only an escape route. The fact of the matter is that the number of these children is only increasing. We cannot run away from this situation.

Various reports including that of UNICEF, estimates that there are about 11 million street children in India. Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad alone contribute about 40% of these children.

None of the bus stands, railway stations, bridges, religious places, traffic signals or the markets are without the presence of street children. About 65% of these children live with their families and sleep in public area, vulnerable to all kind of abuses and risks. It is also true that a significant number of these children belong to migrated families, who travel for want of work from cities to cities.

Vedanta Khushi initiated a debate recently to check for the solutions from the common citizen perspective. About 100 people participated in this on-line debate. Khushi presents you a 10 POINT probable solution for Govt.- Corporates - People - NGOs - Associations - Schools and Colleges to act together to develop these children as responsible citizens.

1. Counseling the parents and children is necessary to make them understand the necessity of education or vocational training as a long term solution towards a respectable life.

2. To enthuse them towards education, play-way methods to be utilized.

3. Drive to Enrol street children for primary education with free facilities like mid-day meal, books, education and uniforms.

4. NGOs / Individuals / Organizations / Schools and Colleges should encourage employees/ students to organize creative workshops for the street children.

5. Children who are partially educated should be encouraged for getting training in occupations like - Electricians, Plumbing, Repairs, Carpentry, Painting, Mechanics, Tailoring etc.

6. Government through local administration map these children at district level and submit a time-bound plan.

7. All citizens should discourage child labour and child beggary at their level to push these children towards respectable profession.

8. A majority of parents of the street children are engaged as domestic servants - as responsible citizen there should be a deliberate effort to explore possibility of adopting education of children of these parents.

9. The dependency on Government needs to decrease and Government itself should come forward and ask for support from industries, NGOs, Industry Associations, prominent Clubs, schools & colleges and prominent citizens to take up the cause, may be as a small initiative, and the Government should help through its administrative support.

10. Voluntary support by citizens in necessary to implement government programs for these children.

"Khushi" would be keen to know people, how many after reading this, took a step forward towards its implementation.

Vedanta Khushi - Care for the Underprivileged Children


  1. Very well done khushi. In true spirit a great work is being undertaken. What all you have mentioned is quite understandable and we all can implement easily. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Khushi, Kindly accept my congratulations for taking up this cause and informing people the need for putting that extra effort. I am certainly in a position to implement few points and I will do it.

  3. Hi I want to join it.i m living in udaipur. plz tel me the process.