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This is a story that begins with a visit to one of the far-flung villages in Chattisgarh. This family is one of the typical migrating families who travel from one place to another for want of work. And here I met a small 4 year old child, Ranu, who was evidently malnourished, with less than 6 kgs of weight and visibly very ill. The condition of child was so bad that I was wondering how she would survive if this continued.

I came to know that her parents leave early and reach home very late. I was also shocked to note that she was being taken care by her 12 year old elder sister. The children were completely neglected.

BALCO runs Anganwadi Centres under the MAMTA Project where such children are provided nourishment, teaching through play-way method and beautiful toys; and there is a regular periodic health check-up of all the Anganwadi children to ensure their good health. The medicines are provided free of cost where ever necessary.

I tried convincing Ranu’s parents for sending her to Anganwadi but they seem just to ignore. Their lack of concern and careless attitude triggered me to no length.

Seeing the condition of Ranu, I decided to take her to Anganwadi Centre, disobeying her parents. I first took Ranu to health camp with the help of her sister. The doctor examined her and informed that indeed she was quite ill and initiated her treatment. During her treatment I made frequent visits to Ranu’s house. Regular medical attention and proper diet brought result.

Ranu’s weight increased to 8.5 kg and that changed her parent’s mindset. They realized their careless attitude towards Ranu and apologized and asked me to enroll her in the Anganwadi.

Today, Ranu is hale and healthy, weighs 12.5 kg. She regularly goes to the Anganwadi, eats poha with groundnut, undergoes regular health check-ups and gets basic education through play-way method under Mamta Project.

KHUSHI on Ranu’s face is now valued by her parents and they are thankful for saving their Child.

Deepa, BALCO, Chhattisgarh