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VEDANTA KHUSHI has taken yet another initiative and this time it is towards the HEALTH of Underprivileged Children in India. VEDANTA KHUSHI is organizing FREE OPERATIONS for Children suffering from CLEFT LIPS AND CLEFT PALATES.

India is sadly one of the prominent countries where almost 35,000 children every year are born with the problem of CLEFT LIPS / CLEFT PALATES. This problem in children is quite prevalent in developing countries and as much as 1/700 children in the world are born with this problem.

SMILE TRAIN - USA, is the world largest and international renowned charity organization that conducts CLEFT LIPS and CLEFT PALATES operations through their 170 partner hospitals spread across 110 cities in India, which includes GBH American Hospital, Udaipur. Further, SMILE TRAIN - USA, has presence in 87 countries.

On the behest of VEDANTA KHUSHI, GBH American Hospital, Udaipur has agreed to conduct FREE OPERATIONS for CLEFT LIPS and CLEFT PALATES of any child across India with a target to cover as many as 2500 children within one year. These operations will be PARTLY FUNDED by SMILE TRAIN, USA.

The surgery would be conducted by Dr. Guru Bhushan (M.S., MCh.) - Consultant Burns, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon at GBH American Hospital. The average time taken for surgery is less than 2 hours.

People can contact Dr. Guru Bhushan - 09352146080 / Mr. Raju Abhichandani - 09352244590 in GBH American Hospital, Udaipur, for appointment and further information.



  1. I would like to wish Vedanta all the success in this initiative and god bless the team that is working towards such noble cause.

  2. A really heart-touching gesture to give a child a beautiful smile when born with cleft / hare lip. Just last week a report of an abandoned child with cleft lip in Kashmir raised the issue of agony and suffering innocent children face for no fault of their own. Thanks for contributing to make this world a better place for all.

  3. Really a good initiative by VEDANTA.

  4. I feel proud of being associated with Hindustan Zinc Limited. We enjoyed many such events during the long 28 years of professional life with HZL. I am so happy that Vedanta is reaching to the bottom of the society and particularly to the poorest of the children. I wish all the success of "Vedanta" and fulfill the meaning of the "Vedanta" in true sense.
    All the best,
    Dr S. K. Haldar, Kolkata
    September 30, 2012

    September 30, 2012 12:04 PM

  5. this is very encouraging that there is hope for the less fortunate people.
    I have a friend of mine, she has twin daughters who are now 18. Both of them are suffering with the cleft problem.
    Is there any possibility for their treatment as well, as the family doesn't have fund for the treatment.
    Please let me know, if it is possible for Vedanta to help these girls.

    1. Neeta Ji.. Please get in touch with me through mail with your details and Ill forward them to the American Hospital.. You also have numbers written on the picture.. please contact them or else write to me at you can also call me at 09928844499..