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VEDANTA KHUSHI for the first time presents a poetic recitation of a heart felt story by Shazia Parveen.

It was once when I was watering the plants
A morning of winter, serene and calm..

A girl of 12 approached my gate,
Her hands were black and clothes too..
Seeking for work with her little mate,
Who was her brother too..

She barely had a cloth on the bag of bone,
No shoes in her feet, carrying a bag of gunny..
With very low and soft tone,
She said, “Didi please give work, I need money”..

She spoke “I collect scrap and sell it”
My brother is not well, need to buy medicine..
I replied "sorry I don’t have work, please sit”
Her face spoke truth and the endeavor was genuine..

I went inside, asked my mother to help her,
She gave me 100 Rs. note and food for her family..
I gave her old clothes and chappals to wear,
The girl got disturbed and returned them patiently..

I said, “Please keep - we don’t need work from you”,
She answered “no di I can’t take it without act”..
My mouth was open to hear her point of view,
I was surprised, was not able to react..

Tried hard to console her and accept our help as gift,
She was clear, firm and stubborn..
Her thoughts not for once shift,
She stood straight as if waiting for a rift..

My conscious was not allowing me to act,
I knew and I respect the Child Labour Act..
I needed to find a way to please her,
Finally I decided that if she could water my beautiful flowers..

Her face was no less than a flower,
She accepted thinking, I was giving her a job..
Only I knew, it was not for that work,
A KHUSHI of her.. for her brother.. and me, that was enough...

A KHUSHI for me .. that was actually enough..

Shazia Parveen


  1. Excellent, Heart touching. Really need this sense in today’s society.

  2. Excellent poetry. This thought of helping is really different. I also admire the little girl guts to not to accept anything before doing any work. The poor child did not know that she should not work.. Well done Shazia.

  3. Wonderful expression from bothside, really we need this approach,
    Thanks SHAZIA

  4. Really Excellent. We should encourage the thought of SHAZIA.

  5. Shaziya... really appreciatable.. good..keep it up.. Be khush\Happy and spread Khushi\Happiness

  6. Well done Shazia! Khushi indeed provides an excellent platform not only to contribute our bit towards others but also to share that joy of making 'someone happy' with a pool of people which may motivate many others for bringing a revolution.

    Keep it up!

  7. gud..
    These are the simple things we generally ignore.It is just like reaching the zenieth of happiness in the beautiful world of god.

  8. Thanks to all of you but big thanks to the little girl who can be an inspiration for all those who actually love to see smile on someone's face with a little selfless effort. May be her zeal to live life was one of the reasons behind writing this poem.Thanks for the admiration.

  9. Very Very Good!! Well Done!!