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This is a story sent from Bihar by Rajshekhar Pandey, who is a fisherman and has 3 boats. He got married in 1989 and has 2 daughters and a son. His story has been narrated by one of his friend from Patna, who is a VEDANTA KHUSHI member.

Bihar has been prone to floods due to heavy rains and high discharge of water in Nepal. Kosi, Gandak, Burhi Gandak, Bagmati, Kamla Balan, Mahananda and Adhwara Group of rivers originate in Nepal and carry high discharge and this drops it down in the plains of Bihar. As about 65% of catchments area of these rivers falls in Nepal/Tibet and only 35% lies in Bihar, the State is worse flood hit in India.

This is a story of Rajshekhar who found a girl in a basket in 1991 Bihar Floods.

Rajshekhar says, in 1991, Kosi was at its devastating floods and many families and houses were vanished. Once the rivers became a little normal he went on his boat for fishing and found a basket floating. Pulling the basket near, he was surprised to see a small girl of about 2-3 years sleeping in the basket. He lifted the girl from the basket and realized that she had fever. He came back immediately and told his wife about this girl and both took her to the doctor. With about a week of medication the girl was fine.

When asked about her name, she informed that her mother called her NANHI but she does not know her father's name or village. Rajshekhar could make out that she was a Bihari girl and due to heavy floods NANHI got separated from her parents.

Rajshekhar and his wife had no heart to leave her somewhere or anywhere. They decided to look after her. The villagers supported Rajshekhar's decision. Rajshekhar recalls, NANHI sometimes used to remember her mother and father and cry, even not eat food. But slowly slowly his wife convinced her and she started calling hiM PAPA and his wife AMMA.

At the age of 5 years, NANHI was admitted to nearby school. By this time Rajshekhar's wife gave birth to a boy and a girl. NANHI was the eldest child now.

Time passed and just last month NANHI became a qualified Teacher. Her father, Rajshekhar has searched a school teacher as her groom and NANHI is getting married now.

Rajshekhar is very happy as he believes, his deeds have made him a good human being.



  1. great show of humanity. I wish we all could show some of these values when needed, so that this world become extremely livable,

  2. such good deeds done by simple persons help the world going in this difficult era of materialism and consumerism.