"KHUSHI" is an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, launched by Vedanta Resources plc, with a focus to sensitize people towards care for the underprivileged and deprived children – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. Join Khushi on facebook at and send motivational stories at . LET US MAKE INDIA A CHILD MALNOURISHED FREE NATION..


Taking out time from their busy schedule and after attaining their degrees and  professional qualifications these  11  professionals decided to work for the special children of God in Udaipur. 

They are carrying out their mission in association and partnership with parents, professionals and the community at this moment.

A very small NGO, Ehsaas Sansthan, that has been started by 11 professions including Doctors, Management Graduates, Psychologists, and teachers are working towards providing education to these children in inclusive manner. The inclusive manner means here that the normal children would also study and the special children of God would also study in the same classroom and be in the same learning classes. 

Learning only needs sharing.. who can teach us better than children.

Ehsaas Sansthan, is a registered NGOs is helping these children grow and learn to live a more independent life.

VEDANTA's KHUSHI has joined in their mission and will support for the study material and toys for 25 children for an year.. People are coming forward to support the other infrastructure of Ehsaas Sansthan.
The 11 Professionals who are devoting their time to run this NGO are :

Dr. B. M. Choubisa (BAMS, MA)

Dr. Aarohi Daya (BSc. , MBBS)

Ms. Priti Chouhan (MA, Clinical Psycho, Bed in special edu, Nursing,)

Mr. Pradeep Choubisa (MBA, BJMC, MA, BSc, Bed)

Mr. Kamlesh Choubisa ( MSc Biochemistry)

Ms. Neha Paliwal (MA, Clinical Psychology, Bed in special edu.)

Mr. Rajesh Singh( MBA, MA)

Ms. Pinki Paliwal (MA, Clinical Psychology, Bed in special edu.)

Ms. Abhilasha (MA, Psychology, Human Rights, DCG, DSE,)

Ms. Jaishree Chauhan (MA, Bed.)

Vedanta's Khushi wishes these members all the best.

Vedanta Khushi : Care for the Underprivileged Children

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  1. its very good initiative taken by the ehsaas group.. nd my best wishes to all the 11 professionals