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VEDANTA KHUSHI : Now, social service activities compulsory in Rajasthan colleges, Times of India

TNN May 20, 2013

JAIPUR: To evoke a sense of activism among youths, the state higher education department has made it compulsory for every student seeking admission in degree programmes to have membership in any of the nation building and social service bodies - NCC, NSS, Rover Rangers, Youth Development Centers, Women's Cell and Human Right Clubs. The direction was included in the admission policy (2013-14) introduced by state higher education recently.

The policy is applicable to both government and private colleges in the state. The policy intends to develop the personality of youths, sensitize them towards social problems and drive them to work for nation building. Students will be allowed to pick activities according to their choice and preference. Students who are pursuing higher streams are also under this policy but are not mandatory for them. The policy says that colleges have to ensure that even students pursuing research will be given a chance to participate in the any of these bodies.

This decision would mean that students seeking admissions in 150 government colleges and 1,400 private colleges in the state will be involved in the social service activities. The period of activity is for the complete academic year. Naveen Jain, director, College Education says, "This mandatory provision is likely to connect our youths with bodies dedicated for social service. It will be learning process for them and enable them to execute the ongoing campaign of such bodies."

Tarana Khan, education director, Udaipur division, said, "This will evoke confidence among girls' students. Groups like NSS, NCC and Women Cells are actively involved in the activities' related to women, including self defense trainings."

Students can join more than one body. However, participation in these activities will not contribute anything in final exams. The department has also said those colleges which do not comply with the rules will face stringent action.

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