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Vedanta Khushi : Pre- school education poor in Rajasthan : Report ‘Most Anganwadis Promote Rote Learning’


Jaipur: Nearly 65% of Anganwadi centres or early childhood centres in the state lack in any activity for development of cognitive skills related to thinking, reasoning and problem solving, says a study ‘Quality and Diversity in Early Childhood Education’ by the Ambedkar University, New Delhi held in association with UNICEF. 

The study reveals that 75% of the sampled 298 centres have been found to promote rote learning, copying from blackboard and choral recitation rather than focusing on learning through innovative measures. 

However, when it comes to comparing the government pre- primary and private pre -primary schools, the report says that Anganwadi scores better than the private ones, which the latter observed to be completely focusing on rote learning methodologies. In most private pre- schools, children often spend the whole day, often up to 5-6 hours just doing formal reading and writing and learning tables and alphabets through rote memorization. 

It was observed that the Anganwadi workers across the state used meal times to interact with the children while they were served food, although there were some state differences. The report states that meal time is very important for interaction. 

Though, the number of teachers in Rajasthan may be among the highest in the country but when it comes to delivering cognitive skills they are far behind, at least in early childhood education. When 60% of the total centers here did not get any planned opportunity for learning pro-social behaviour, the dismal situation became the basis for high drop-outs in primary classes. 

The findings from the classroom observations in the study present a dismal picture with children rarely getting opportunities for development of motor skills in extra curricular activities. Outdoor play is very rarely seen in the centres with major constraints being lack of outdoor space. 

The report also questioned less time given to reading activities. In most cases they find that not more than 10 minutes was given everyday which is less than adequate. 

Report says that research confirms that pre -school at the age of 3-6 years in important as this is the critical period for development of peer social skills. The report found Rajasthan is less conducive since the classroom environment was found more restrictive with limited interaction.

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