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Lakshmi’s father works as car cleaner and has been cleaning many cars, including ours. A  work that he starts early morning. He is determined to educate his daughter, Lakshmi, and wants her to study till she wants. He has a cycle and daily drops Lakshmi to school, though the school is not far from his house. He proudly says, ‘I will clean more cars and do other work sir but education of Lakshmi will not stop’.  

We have been asking him about the education of his daughter since the final school result had come-out. He informed that she has passed satisfactorily and is now in class-I. After repeatedly asking, Lakshmi father informed that he has not been able to get the books for his daughter due to sudden expenditure pressure. May be he would buy after the summer vacations and till than he would save money.

Lakshmi has been asking for books from her father almost daily. Carrying empty bag to school, for a child who is keen to study, is very disappointing and discouraging, he informed.

My fear was that in all this financial crunch education of Lakshmi should not be left and the school should not remove her from the school.

This is when we decided to buy school books and other school items to Lakshmi so that she is sure of her continuation of school.

Adhering to the “Khushi” philosophy, giving cash was never considered. So I decided to go to the school myself, call Lakshmi and accordingly buy all the books and notebooks to her.

Today perhaps was the day. Lakshmi was called by the Administration Head of the school and she came with an old water bottle and an empty school bag. Neatly dressed she was quite, wondering what is in store for her. I told her that she would get books and notebooks and all other things that she requires to get good marks right now.

Lakshmi smiled and smiled and smiled.. also wondering why I was buying for her.

I requested the Administration Head to kindly get the books-notebooks. Lakshmi constantly kept looking at the Office Assistant who was to get the books. Honestly, the books did not cost much.

The Principal of the school asked me, ‘how was I related to this matter’. I explained him the objective of Vedanta’s “Khushi” and told him that ‘I did because I could’. ‘Someone else would also do, if he could too.’ 

I experienced a satisfaction of doing something for a needy child who wants to study.. and for Lakshmi, it was a bright “Khushi” on her face, a priceless “Khushi”. 

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