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VEDANTA KHUSHI - A Strange 'Will'.. !!! That Stayed After He Left

He worked as a Principal in a Government School in Ashok Nagar in New Delhi. No one except his wife knew that during his tenure as Principal of the school, he had committed a portion of his money, from his salary, to be used for providing financial help to meritorious students from the poor families. He took the responsibility to support 2 students up to class 12th, for all their books, uniform and fees.

His mission continued.

Then on one day, on 30th March 2010, he took his last journey to meet the almighty. His last WILL was read out in front of his wife and 6 children, who are all highly qualified, 4 are Doctors and 2 professional. His one WISH in his WILL surprised everyone. He had written his desire to continue the sponsoring of education of 2 poor children, as was being done, when he was serving as Principal and even after 20 years he left the school.

No wonder the children were only willing. His legacy stays. The school continues to sponsor  education of two children on his name.

He is (don't want to use `was')  Pt. G.C.Vashishtha, popularly known as 'Shastri Ji' in the School. 

His `KHUSHI' has been told in person to VEDANTA KHUSHI today amidst satisfaction, tears and admiration by his proud wife, Mrs. Kamlesh Vashishtha, who is from a deep rural area from Uttar Pradesh and COULD NOT STUDY.

Mrs. Kamlesh Vashishtha, Delhi


  1. A Great and Humble Gesture by a School Principal and continued such help for the poor Children.
    Being a Vedanat Employee, we are proud of the company/institution.
    A really commandable job to help the really needy children and bring KHUSHI on their Faces.

  2. This story has given a sense to people that if you want to do something dont wait just do it. Shastri Ji you are not there today but trust me your contribution will remain and will prosper forever in those children you supported. Indeed people of such stature are there in this world. Thanks Pavan for sharing this story with me.

  3. Khushi you are just great. I am inspired and finding ways how to support these poor children. Very shortly I will let you know what I have done kindly publish it. I liked your story When Khushi Cried. Very touching. Keep inspiring all.

  4. i am inspired this mission real great wise step

  5. satyendra narayan singhAugust 17, 2012 at 5:56 PM

    great persons do great things that inspire others to do someting like.