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I would like to share something that is not related to any kind of monetary help or about transforming life of anyone. It just happened and I did out of my hobby.

This is a story way back when I was studying in college for pursuing my Post-Graduation. I use to stay in Hostel with my other batch-mates. Our Hostel had all kind of facilities and helpers were also appointed for the room cleaning.

My friend, also my room-mate was also very helpful. He use to talk to helpers like a friend and one of them named Dilip was our consistent room cleaner. He once told us that he has two sons and both of them studied in the school. We were glad to know that he understands the importance of education and sends his children to the school. 

One fine day, my friend found Dilip very upset and tensed. His mind was diverted and was not paying attention towards the work. On asking, Dilip told that his elder son Manoj, who studies in 8th class, hardly pays attention towards his studies. He has his exams just after 2 months and nobody in the house was educated to help him in coping up with his subjects. Next two years being the crucial one, will decide his career and orientation towards life so it is very important to have a strong base now. 

My friend told him not to worry and he will try to help him in the best way he can. 

Same day in the evening when we all 5 friends were working on some group assignment, my friend asked us to help Dilip’s son in his studies by each one of us, taking up one subject and teach him twice a week. This would help him in preparation for the exam and will clear his concepts.

Since I always loved teaching so I readily accepted the suggestion and gradually everyone got agreed. So all of us took one subject each and started teaching Manoj from the next day.

I opted for Maths. All 5 of us taught him for 2 months and we got tremendous result, Manoj scored 75% in the class. Dilip was so happy and thankful that he invited all of us for the lunch at his home. 

That time, it was my fondness towards teaching that made me teach Manoj but now, when I read ‘KHUSHI’, it motivates me to take up such more initiatives and help others. It’s time to come up with solutions and implement it. Believe me, we don’t have to go far, we can care and help people who live around us.

Rajesh Dash from Bhubaneshwar 

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