"KHUSHI" is an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, launched by Vedanta Resources plc, with a focus to sensitize people towards care for the underprivileged and deprived children – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. Join Khushi on facebook at and send motivational stories at . LET US MAKE INDIA A CHILD MALNOURISHED FREE NATION..

Vedanta Khushi : The Special Children of God

Few children make you smile instantly.  Strange is their smile also brings tears in our eyes. Out of love...... There are few children that god has made with  lots of love, affection and care..perhaps this is the reason, these children are known as 'special children of God'.  As these are special children,  they do require and need a lot of care and attention.  Many organizations are working consciously and tirelessly to ensure these children get their due attention.
One such organization is Vedanta Group, that started a project in Chattisgarh, the 'Vedanta Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre'.  The Vedanta Group company in Chattisgarh, BALCO,  has opened the "Vedanta Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre" for about 150 such children in Korba.  The centre is the first of its kind in the State of Chattisgarh, providing physiotherapy, speech therapy, work and behavior therapy, to name a few, to these children. Vedanta has tied-up with 'Inner Wheel Education Society' (that runs the Divya Jyoti Group of Schools) to run this Centre effectively.  Company has also constructed hostel rooms for 50 such children and providing transport assistance.

The main focus of 'Vedanta Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre' has been to tap the unlimited inner potential of these children and work towards their rightful position in the society. 

The parents of these children have a lot to say, 'Mrs. Anita Deshpandey, mother of Harsh Deshpandey, who is suffering from Borderline Autism, has a reason to smile now.  The  'Vedanta therapy and Rehabilitation Centre' has been able to achieve a noticeable improvement in Harsh.

5 year old Bhishm Khare who suffers from Cerebral Palsy started his therapy course few months back when his mother Mrs. Padmini Khare was advised by the doctor to approach the Centre. Padmini says – “I brought my son to the 'Vedanta Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre five months back and I am able to see that  Bhishm is getting better day by day.”

The need is to up-bring these children with all love and care. After all they are special children of god and "Khushi" is best what we can give them.  


  1. Noble initiative. God bless Vedanta family.

  2. While reading the success growth of Vedanta Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre, it is heart touching. The happiness of a mother heart whose son is improving by the therapy and the team effort is priceless. Those are the blessed one who have rendered this noble service and i pray to God to give me a chance to be part of such noble service.

  3. It is extremely enlightening and touching to read the success stories of Khushi for parents of an young man with autism. The only element which keeps us parents on the move is when our special child is happy and smiles. Our best wishes to all those who are rendering their services for the betterment of the special children. As a parent and an autism consultant for over 14yrs, I would want to be a part of this organisation.

    Mr. T. K. Ghosh & Mrs. Jayati Ghosh