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Maahi Vaishnav working tirelessly for the needy children - "Khushi" at his best

It was another day of satisfaction. When you meet some one who strongly relates with "Khushi" and does its bit to ensure some change is brought in society, you tend to know more. 

I met today a very simple girl, engrossed in her laptop, finding new ideas and ways to help the deprived children, particularly street children. We had fixed a time to meet and without wasting a single second she narrated her passion for the campaign "Khushi" and how the campaign has motivated her to take-up child care at the individual level.

Her name is Maahi Vaishnav, Founder of an NGO Maitri Manthan and she does her bit MAAHI've'. This young woman is with high vision and her mission to help as many deprived children. She has been with them, listening to them, listening to their dreams, their thoughts and their needs. She narrates as how she gets inclined to help these children as she sees them. She is against giving money. 

Maahi says, ' giving money will make these children further lazy and beggars. At least they are doing some work today, may be its not right but they are not begging'. Maahi is right. The children on the street are not by chance but by choice. Lack of education, motivation and guidance has made these children, the children of street. She has been counseling their parents to allow these children to study, but, the damage has already been done.

Maahi has also been helping these children with immunization and health attention. She checks with them if their immunization has been completed or not. And the time she finds its not done and their is scope of getting it done, she wastes no time.
I asked Maahi, what motivated her for this concern for deprived children. Maahi replied " when I joined Khushi campaign I realized how important is to do individual efforts in solving this national problem. Government, Companies, NGOs all are doing something, only we are not doing anything. So I decided I have to do something for these children. Today may be I am able to change lives of few, but at least I am doing my bit."
Maahi, you are doing things the Maahi've' (way) and we are proud to have you in "Khushi" group.

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