"KHUSHI" is an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, launched by Vedanta Resources plc, with a focus to sensitize people towards care for the underprivileged and deprived children – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. Join Khushi on facebook at and send motivational stories at . LET US MAKE INDIA A CHILD MALNOURISHED FREE NATION..

Joy of Living is in Giving

I always believe that the “Joy of living is in giving“ and to be honest I have no event / incident which has turned me to start thinking about unprivileged Children. My thought of sharing and caring could be attributed to my conservative / god fearing middle class background. I have been doing some meaningful social contribution in my life and also made certain rules for myself and my family.
In 2004, I have adopted a Child through a noted organization. They have a unique concept in which you can take the ownership of a poor child and Child is not required to leave his home and family. I donate Rs. 800 per month for the education, health and nutrition of Gyanranjan. He is in class 5 now and I use to get regular feedback about him, his study, development, his interest etc.
Gyanranjan – is our adopted son and he will keep getting my assistance till he starts earning after completing his education. I have realized the great joy that comes with giving and how richly god has rewarded this decision of mine.
I also contribute Rs 300 per month towards another organization. This money is used in wellbeing of homeless street children.
I am proud to say that we do celebrate occasion such as birthday, marriage anniversary, festivals, any professional success. In all such occasions, we make sure to distribute food and sweets to street children. We also sponsor Lunch for the children in Orphanages. I really wait for occasions as it gives me an opportunity to feel the divine pleasure in sharing happiness with unprivileged kids. My wife and son also join me in distribution of food and I can feel the happiness they get in doing it.
We have a golden rule at home that food should not be wasted.  Any surplus food is properly packed and I give it to needy on my way to the office.   I have also taken up a project to start a library in my village, in Uttar Pradesh. It will be well equipped with all the latest books, news papers, books for competition etc. Idea is to target poor students who are financially not capable to buy books.  This library will be free of cost for all and I should be able to start it in next 3-4 months time.
My contribution is very small but significant enough to create happiness. I will keep fulfilling my responsibility towards society and look for opportunity to make more meaningful contribution for unprivileged needy people. This is how I get my “Khushi”. 
(He is a proud employee of Hindustan Zinc and has requested not to mention his name - we respect his sentiments)


  1. hats off to you....

  2. Your story touched my heart. It would have been nice to know your name as we at HZL should know who you are. But you have made all of us proud.

  3. This story indicts everyones responsibility towards soceity, great story,,,,keep it up.

  4. wow.....we r proud of u...............

  5. A reasonably good story coming after the initial juevnile stories . But in an organisation of about 10, 000 employees it seems that people are rich in pocket but poor in heart . If this story opens some pockets and provide not the I have distributed choclates stuff , but some lasting sustainable efforts it would serve its purpose .

  6. a small initiative can change a life. we should all come together for this noble cause. The sooner we start the better it is..

  7. It is important for the world to understand the need to bring change in India rather than talking about the companies. I feel, what I have been reading around, what Vedanta has done in the community service - CSR - is just commendable. I would not like to go by the theory of some of the NGOs whose job is to just pick up a thread and try weaving a yarn. Sorry.. we should be proud of NRIs who have devoted their time, money and energy to make India proud. Well done Vedanta.. there are many more who would join me on the above statement. This initiative itself speaks the seriousness of Anil Agarwal in bringing tangible change or development in the country.