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VEDANTA KHUSHI - Debates - "Effects of TV Advertising on Children - Is it Education or over Education ?"

VEDANTA KHUSHI has been discussing various child related issues on the facebook platform.  So far 8 debates on various topics have been concluded.

Recently VEDANTA KHUSHI concluded its 9th Debate, and this time the topic was "EFFECTS of TV ADS ON CHILDREN - IS IT EDUCATION OR OVER EDUCATION?"

It was quite interesting to have free and frank opinions of more than 100 participants of the during the Debate.

As we propose to write a communication to respective athorities, we have taken out the finer points for your information and input. These points are :

1.     The ads, like Film Censor by Central Board of Film Certification, too need to be classified as "A", A/U and "U" and further one more category needs to be added as "C" meaning "ONLY FOR CHILDREN". The timing of each classified category of ad should be well defined.

2.     Social advertising needs to be treated seperately as compared to pure commercial advertising, may it be by any corporate or government, as such advertising spreads moral values/social messages.

3.     Promotion of games on television needs regulation - violent games are provocative and incites similar reaction by children.

4.     As TV Commercials have high recall value, children tend to imitate the act, thus the content and language needs to be regulated.

5.     Free gifts along with toys and chocolate etc. do promote sales but also provoke pressure buying.  Though their is no harm till the costs are kept in accordance.

6.     Though the purpose of the ads is to communicate the service or product for ultimate sales, but it is essential that these ads should not cross the ethical or moral or cultural values of India.

7.     The language in some of the programs on cartoon channels needs to be regulated as these programs do not relate to Indian culture and values.

8.     All the ads are in public domain and thus it becomes imperative to have a strict control over their content, creativity, language and reach.

9.    Children do have questions, queries, doubts and curiosities that need to be sorted if not resolved patiently by making them understand the purpose and effects of such ads. Parents and teachers are the best guide for this purpose.

10.   Parents and schools need to devise a joint program, with mutual consent, for an amicable solutions to provocative, harmful and unjustified advertising.

11.   We may be confronted by advertisers that advertising is not forced and parents may take a call to close the TV or not let child watch the programs. The solution does not lie in not letting the children watch TV or simply flip the channels when any objectionable ad / program comes; the need of the hour is to deal with the root of the issue.

12.   If it comes to the responsibility of parents and teachers, it also becomes responsibility of advertisers to practice ethics and morals while preparing ads, and the regulatory authorities to formulate a law, if still not there, to bring such ads on TV under control.

May we request you to forward any other point that you feel would add further value to the above.



  1. I agree with all the points mentioned above. They are quite true and must be taken to the higher authority. My best wishes.

  2. excellent points. i would like to add that if an ad is violent by nature where a child may try to emulate the same..then it should be clearly,boldly mentioned that children should not imitate the same. just mentioning it in small letters in some corner of the ads,does not serve the purpose.

    1. Mr. Mukul,

      Point well taken and we would add in the communication, thanks.

  3. I find Advertisement contents of National Television is much more sensitive towards the sentiments expressed by the participants.Why commercial channels can not be utilized in an effective way to teach children values,morals,safe and healthy practices through effective ads when they are selling the products. The advertisement regarding sanitary pads and helmets or immunization should be given priority over chocolates and Junk foods.If we keep on advertising Tobacco chewing on Television network then it is no use when we ask our children not to use the same.We as viers also need to keep on voting on issues relevant to society to improve upon this.

  4. I agree with the points above, but have doubts on how they can be implemented by government agencies. If government makes some law towards this then very soon it will get abused and we all will shout infringement of free speech. In my opinion if we all make an effort to create an awareness among buyers of products to avoid such products which are abusive towards us , our children and nation as a whole then I think things will fall in line. Its a daunting task but I feel it certainly has a definite path.

  5. about that i suggest that don't buy channel other than DORDARSHAN(NATIONAL).because this channel is very safe for children.there is so many thing for childrenlike no harmfull advetisement,best for children play,children education,social knowledge,agricultural & industrial knowledge,entertainment etc.this channel is for away that type of bad advertisment.finaly we can find that our children is moving in best direction that everyone want.

  6. wonderful put up, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector do not understand this.
    You must proceed your writing. I'm confident, you have a great readers' base already!

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