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There lived a Saint and had many disciples. As understood, disciples have a lot of questions to ask and Saints always have all the replies. One day a disciple asked the Saint "why do people have adverse nature and why do we understand them wrong.  These people keep criticising all the time". The saint decided to demonstrate the reply not through words but through action this time.

Few days later, Saint asked all his disciples to follow him to the nearby pond. The area nearby pond was full of Scorpions. The Saint wanted all the disciples to have a bath in the pond but every one refused. Saint decided to enter himself and have bath. As he went inside he saw a Scorpion being drowned in the pond and struggling to survive. The Scorpion was moving his hands and legs and head but was not finding his way out - Scorpions do not know how to swim. The Saint was Saint and he picked up the Scorpion on his palm to save him. As the Saint lifted him outside the water the Scorpion bit him on his hand and blood started coming. The Scorpion again fell in the pond and again started struggling for life. Saint again picked him up again and the Scorpion again bit the Saint and again fell in the pond and started struggling. This continued for few times when Saint decided to take a harsh step. The Saint picked the Scorpion this time and threw him out of the pond before he could bite. The scorpion went in the bushes not to return to the pond.

When Saint came out all his disciples asked him about the incident and behaviour of Saint. The Saint was much happy to reply, he said, " The Scorpions have a nature and we should respect it. Similarly I have my nature, every one needs to respect this as well. I will not change because of a Scorpion, why should I leave my good deeds? I tried saving him many times, but he did not budge. Ultimately I had to take the harsh step to throw him out of the pond. It was necessary to save his life".

The Saint continued, " I cannot change my nature towards the serving the community, be it animal or mankind, which I have inherited from my Gurus and Teachers, just because the other one is not acknowledging it. I shall do the same, in a similar situation next time too."

The disciple question was answered and the Saint smiled.


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