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Don't accept tea and food from children at Dhaba (road-side shop)

We were travelling and wanted to have a good cup of tea on a Dhaba.. As I was driving with family the first clean Dhaba we saw and we decided to have tea there. The owner of the Dhaba was shouting for supplying tea and food to customers. We saw few children in the age group of 10-12 years serving tea to customers. 

Our conscious did not allow us to have tea from such a small child. Giving order to a small child was hurting our inner conscious. My child of 10 years was sitting next to me and his obvious question was why they don't go to school. I could see him very uncomfortable.

With some thought I spoke to the Dhaba owner and asked him about how many child labour work in his Dhaba and why they work. Kishan, the owner, was quite annoyed and he asked me to have tea, pay the bill and leave. If I don't want to have tea, he is still fine with it. He did not like my questioning him.

I preferred not to have conscious did not allow me. I thought, will my refusal do anything... my refusal was supported by 4 in the family.. We all travel and we all eat at Dhabas. 

If we all decide not to be selfish and not to support such Dhaba owners and refuse to take anything from such children.. may be after few weeks or months, these children would go to school or do something constructive.....Just think about it

Pavan Kaushik

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