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One more step towards fight against Child Malnutrition
3 months back when Lakshmi, a 15 months old daughter of Radheshyam Gameti from Negadia Bheel Basti at Rajsamand was admitted to the hospital to fight against malnutrition, few more such cases got highlighted at that time in Rajsamand.
On such case was that of a 18 months old ‘Vijay’ living in Bijnaul village of Rajsamand. Vijay was suffering from severe malnourishment and had haemoglobin as low as 3.5 g/dl whereas child of his age has normally haemoglobin of 10.3 – 12 g/dl.

When "Khushi" team came to know about it, they tried convincing his mother Ratni Bheel to admit Vijay to hospital for the treatment but being religiously superstitious she simply refused and continued believing that prayers will heal his son. This did not stop "Khushi" team in making efforts and finally with the help of local administration they admitted Vijay to the hospital where his treatment started.

Problem did not end here, it was not just the lack of education and awareness that had been responsible for Vijay’s deteriorated health but also poverty and inadequate food to eat at his home. Seeing the grave situation,"Khushi" team took the help of social media and local authorities to arrange proper food including Dal and Rice for the family especially for Vijay to improve his health.

Today, Vijay has recovered from Malnutrition and has haemoglobin of 10.2 g/dl. With this, Ratni Bheel has also understood that not just prayers at temple will cure the ailment but visit to hospital is also important for treatment.

According to the status report on Anganwadi (day care centre) programme, officially known as ICDS, about 2.3 cr children in India, up to 6 years of age are suffering from undernourishment and are under-weight.

Hindustan Zinc’s Child Care Campaign – "Khushi" has always believed in creating awareness about health, education and nutrition in children. By saving life of Vijay and Lakshmi, it has only strengthen their mission to make India a child malnourished free nation.

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