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Prayag is an 8 year boy of well to do family and studying in a convent school. Good in studies Prayag also likes doing painting. Every day he would sit for at least an hour for doing painting. Cartoons of famous TV serials, caricatures and human faces are of his interest. Even if he is out to any city for holiday with his parents, he would carry his colour book and pencils.

He is back from the school at a time when the house-maid, Sheela Bai Ji, is working and doing her daily work, washing clothes and utensils. He has been seeing for long that her son, Bittu, of around 6 years would come with Sheela Bai Ji and sit near his table. He would try see the colour book and also what is being drawn. He would flip the pages or cartoons and touch them, feel them. This made Bittu happy.

Prayag initially did not like this because he felt Bittu might spoil his drawing. But Bittu was careful though curious.

One day Prayag asked Sheela Bai Ji about coming of Bittu every day, Sheela Bai Ji replied that Bittu comes daily only to see the drawings that you are making. He just loves them. But then why don't you buy him a drawing book and colours, he would do at home, asked Prayag.

Sheela Bai Ji, promptly replied he wants to do but he does not know how to do. Also I cant buy him a drawing book and colours every month.

In some thoughts, Prayag instantly replied that he would get him the colour book and colours. Surprised at his thought Prayag's mother keenly asked him, 'from where will you get, you don't earn Prayag'.

Prayag replied, "from my POCKET MONEY. Papa gives me a pocket money every week to buy something from the canteen. I will skip one day, take the food from home and from that money I will buy him a colour book and colours, simple".

Indeed, it can only be a child heart that can think like this. Sharing is important in children.

Prayag skipped the canteen food this Friday and brought a colour book and pencil colours for Bittu. He has also decided to teach him every Sunday.

Children have their own world of sharing and caring.

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    Good job Prayag !!