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Vedanta Khushi - School Books at Rs. 10 a KG

Every morning Rajesh would travel to office and on his way see many rag picker children lined up with their bags waiting on the main road, probably for the loading vehicle to take their daily collection.  Every morning he would see 10-15 children holding their bags. He asked from some people and found that none of them had gone school and since childhood picking rags.

Rajesh discussed this at his home and the family decided to support these children by way of giving them books and pushing them for school admission. Rajesh son Deepak, who was himself studying in 7th standard extended hand for teaching them basic language and some maths. Deepak also assured his father that in 10-15 days these children would be able to write their name and do calculation themselves. 

On Sunday, Rajesh decided to meet these children.  he went walking as he was staying near.  As he reached all the children surrounded him on the pretext that he has come to sell some newspapers or some other material.  Rajesh started speaking to one child, who told his name as Kapil. Kapil was about 9 years old and had just returned from picking rags.

The conversation started with his name. But the next reply was proof of the pathetic mental condition these children have. The conversation is reproduced below:  
(I have translated in English):

Rajesh   : Kapil have you ever gone to the school ?

Kapil : No Sir (saab) (and he smiled as if he is quite happy replying this question)

Rajesh   : Do you want to go to the school ?

Kapil     :       No Sir.  I have to work for the house.  Only than mother will give me meals.

Rajesh   : Where do you stay ?

Kapil       : I stay in 'Kachi Basti' (a place better known as slums)

Rajesh   : Do you like Books ?

Kapil     : Yes Sir, I can BUY them for Rs. 10 a kg.

Rajesh : (shocked) I asked you about reading books and you are telling about purchasing.

Kapil     : Sir, why are you talking all this.  This is the time for my work. You are wasting my time.

Rajesh : I am asking you to study, I will buy you new books and school uniform and also colour pencils.

Kapil : Why Sir. I dont want to go to the school. I want to work. My father also works for the house.

Rajesh : Understand, if you study, you will never have to do this work. Understand. You will become like me.

Kapil : Sir, it is morning time and I have to work. Please let me work. Thank you. But I dont want to study.

Rajesh : Ok don't study.  Ill give you books and you read them and if you like ill admit you in a school.

Kapil : Ok Sir... you are insisting.. give me books..

Rajesh gave him a packet of books which had few picture stories, a drawing book and colours in a neat school bag.  Rajesh was very happy when he returned. As he felt he could speak to one child and convince him.

Next morning Rajesh as usual was going to his office and stopped at the same place.  Kapil was not there. Rajesh was even happy and he thought he must have decided not to do this rag picking work and so he will go to the school.

Rajesh enquired about Kapil and came to know that he has not come today and all the children saw the books. Basically pictures.  Some tried hands on drawing as well. But finally..... finally the books were sold for Rs. 10 a kg.

Rajesh was shocked. Children of street have interest and may be we need more efforts to send them to school.

Rajesh went to the nearby shop and purchased another books, colours and a nice school bag. 

"Vedanta Khushi" inspired him to not to loose hope and try even harder. If this was so easy, it would have been done long back.


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  1. Very good Mr. Rajesh .You have tried and not lost your hope.It would be better if you go to kapil house and meet kapil's parents .Try to find out the root cause whether realy without kapil work life of their family can not run .If you assure some financial help to kapil family in place of kapil earning than you may get success to send kapil to school.What his father doing ? If you can manage to give some other job to kapil father to run their famil than kapil may be spared for doing such job.
    Ashad Gufran
    CSO Maton Mines
    Contact No -08003097082

  2. It is just so wonderful to see Khushi creating its impact and people are becoming sensitive towards child care.. many congratulations to Vedanta and Khushi team.

  3. I agree with above statement. At the same time, no parent doesn’t want to see their children to work when they are small. Because of some financial problems parents led their children work. So, we need to check their parents really need children’s earning or they can survive without children’s earning. If parent doesn't need children’s income, child has to be provided by food, accommodation and education. Study cannot be done on empty stomach.