"KHUSHI" is an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, launched by Vedanta Resources plc, with a focus to sensitize people towards care for the underprivileged and deprived children – their Nutrition – Education – Health and overall development. Join Khushi on facebook at and send motivational stories at . LET US MAKE INDIA A CHILD MALNOURISHED FREE NATION..

Vedanta "Khushi" Blog Crosses Half-Million Page Views

Vedanta "Khushi" mission is a journey we all started together about 2 years back in the month of April 2012.  The challenge was to bring forth the most sensitive and critical social issue of India, the care for the underprivileged children, their nutrition, health and education. 

The Campaign is driving the vision of Mr. Anil Agarwal – Chairman, Vedanta group, that “No Child in India should remains Malnourished and be deprived of Education, Nutrition and primary Health Care.  Ultimately, India should be a malnourished free nation."

To promote success stories of various individuals/members and starling statistics from various national and international reports towards child care, we developed an in-house Vedanta "Khushi" blog - and started uploading such stories. These stories became an ultimate medium of motivating others for similar action.  

We are quite pleased to inform you that the Vedanta "Khushi" blog has crossed a half-million page views mark today. 

As we say, Vedanta "Khushi" mission has this thought that government, corporate and NGOs together cannot do it all and there has to be a direct participation from common people.  People need to be sensitive towards the issue & concern and participate equally for its prevention and cure.

Khushi has a strong base on facebook with over 36,000 volunteers from across the globe  Several members have gone ahead and helped these underprivileged children at their own level.

The campaign has been successful in connecting people of similar minds and thoughts throughout the world.

We all know “Khushi” cannot be bought, begged or borrowed; it has to come naturally….

We thought of sharing this news with you all..


  1. Excellent initiative to let people know the problem India is facing in terms of child care.. Vedanta Khushi well done.

  2. After long many years I have seen some dedicated approach to the child problem in our country. Khushi is doing a great job, keep it up. Dont stop your mission, one day you will be proud of.

  3. Great work by Vedanta. Keep it up.

  4. The NGOs who talk about Vedanta should take a lesson from such initiative. Criticizing good work is shameful. Rather the objective should be to create positive atmosphere. Best wishes for Khushi and keep going.

  5. The success of this blog shows that people do care for deprived children.. I am proud to be associated with "Khushi"

  6. Congrats Team Khushi!!! By this we come to know malnourished and the under privilege children population in India is huge. The The campaign has addressed very well the problem India facing on Child Care. All the Best, we are with you...

  7. Children are our most valuable resource. Kudos to Khushi for making this effort.

  8. i want to be the part of this mission. please let me know how can i take part in the activities like teaching , caring , nurturing girls .

  9. To improve our future we need to invest in our present. These children will be our future resources. Lets save them.
    Individual efforts are what our country requires to face the threat of mal-nourishment.

  10. I believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will flourish beyond our wildest dreams!
    "Khushi" is making an effort to inspire people for child care. I am inspired! Everyone should join this project..
    At least some one is trying to bring a change...

  11. Mother Teresa, said ""When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed."
    We need to change ourselves to change our future. Care for the deprived..